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Our Business

nke Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells instruments for the measurement and the monitoring of oceans and fresh waters. nke Instrumentation provides

  • Autonomous data loggers for parameters monitoring (Pressure, Temperature, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity...) ; environment monitoring (Silting, Heat Flow, Atmospheric Corrosion...), behaviour analysis of immersed systems (Force, Acceleration, Slope, Corrosion...), fishing control (fishing time, ship position, immersion time of trawl...).
  • Automated Systems: monitoring of water areas, estuaries ; instrumented buoys, acoustic buoy and profilers of all kinds.

nke Instrumentation is involved in several research projects, both nationally and internationally, and works in partnership with scientific institutions such as Ifremer and CNRS.

Our subsidiary in Brazil, nke Instrumentaçao, was launched in July 2013 in Rio de Janeiro : Serviços e Equipamentos Ambientais e Oceanogràficos.

nke Instrumentation is present in the field of Non Destructive Testing applied to metals.

1.06.16 The floating lidar of the BLIDAR project begins a 6-month validation campaign in the Mediterranean Sea

This offshore test concludes an R&D program associating two SMEs, Eolfi and nke Instrumentation, as well as two research institutes, the Institut Carnot Ifremer-Edrome, and IRSEEM.>>

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12.05.16 New data buoys deployed around EDF power station in Cordemais

To follow up the temperature, the oxygen and the impact of EDF power station cooling circuit discharges into the Loire, 3 data buoys [nke Instrumentation] have been deployed on Friday the 29th of April>>

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15.04.16 Brand new data loggers: WiSens range

During the last OI exhibition in London, we launched our brand new range of sensors: WiSens. These new autonomous data loggers are working with WiFi connections, and do not need any specific software for the configuration anymore. You can easily set...>>

Category: English news, Brazilian news
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