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Dissolved oxygen and temperature data logger

SDOT enables data acquisition and recording of dissolved oxygen concentration and saturation measurements and temperature measurements.
SDOT uses an Anderaa dissolved oxygen sensor.

Several versions of the SDOT are available, depending on sensor and depth rating, for use in coastal areas or deep waters (6000m)

Easy to use:

  • Light and compact
  • Remote setup and fast wireless data transfer with a Data Pencil and a computer (Winmemo software)

Picture: University of Bordeaux, Bruno Deflandre



Optode sensor

The recorders are compatible with SDOT range sensors Optode 4835 and 4330F from Aanderaa.

Data logger

Measurement frequency : Programmable from 2s to 99h

Clock drift : 1min / mois

PC Interface: Electromagnétic Transmission without connector (connected with a serial link of a PC)

Working temperature : -10°C / +45°C


Memory size : 1Mo with data compression.

Energy : 2400h (sampling : 1min optode 3830)

Saturation channel

Measurement range : 0 – 300%

Accuracy (16 bits) : 0,01 %

Temperature channel

Measurement range: -10°C to 50°C

Accuracy (16 bits) : 1.5m°C

Concentration channel

Measurement range: 0 – 30 mg/l or 0 – 936µM/l

Accuracy max (16 bits) : 0,001 mg/l or 0.015 µM/l

Weight in air

SDOT300: 307g

SDOT6000: 800g

SDOT6000D: 1015g

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