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WiSens TD

50m to 6000m Autonomous Pressure and Temperature data logger

WiSens TD measures and records temperature and pressure. 
It has been designed to be used down to 6000m. 

New generation : 

  • WiFi connection
  • compatible IOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android
  • No specific software

Easy to use: 

  • Fast wireless configuration configuration and data collection thanks to the WiFi communication
  • Easy maintenance

Rugged and reliable: 

  • Optimal protection of the sensors
  • Lithium batteries for long-term use (several years) 

 See the datasheet for technical specifications

Monitoring of temperature in deep-sea environment. 
Study of the marine environment (thermocline surveying). 
Monitoring of the behaviour of immersed systems : fishing equipment (trawl), instruments deployed on deep sea bed…

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