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Autonomous water height data logger with Atmospheric pressure compensation



Memory autonomy : > 6 days (with 1min sampling rate of depth), > 12 days (with 1min sampling
rate of depth and temperature) 
Energy autonomy : > 4 years (Lithium batteries) 
Option : Doubled memory capacity (64kb). 
Pressure differential : 10m of water (1 bar) 
Measurement accuracy : +/-3 cm for a 10m measurement range 
Resolution : 4mm 
Temperature measurement range : -5 to +45°C 
Maximum resolution : 0.015 °C 
Accuracy : +/-0.1°C from 0 to +30°C 
Temperature drift : < 0.4cm /°c 
Internal clock with calendar 
Clock accuracy : 60 seconds/month 
Operating temperature : -10°C to +50 °C 
Communication : electromagnetic transmission without connector, using a reading interface
(Data Pencil) connected to a PC serial link. 
Housing material : Plastic 
Housing length : 124mm 
Housing diameter : 60mm (65mm overall) 
Housing weight in air : 0.5 kg approx. 
Capillary length : 10m +/- 3mm


Memory autonomy

> 6 days (with 1min sampling rate of depth)
> 12 days (with 1 min sampling rate of depth and temperature)

Energy autonomy

> 4 years (Lithium batteries)

Pressure Differential

10 m water (1 bar)

Measurement accuracy

+/-3 cm for a 10m measurement range



Temperature drift

< 0,4cm /°c

Time and date

Internal clock with calendar

Date accuracy

60 seconds / month

Use temperature range

- 10 ° C  à +50 °C

Data transmission

RS232 contactless (Inductive)

Housing material

Cupro Alu or Ertalyte

Housing length

124 mm

Housing diam

60 mm  (65mm overall)

Housing weight in air

0,5 kg approx.

Housing weight in water

0.8 kg or 0 approx.

Capillary length

10 m  +/- 3mm



TEMPERATURE : Measurement

-5 à +45°C

Maximum resolution

0,015 °C


+/-0.2  from 0 to 30°C°C


Capacity doubled

Water height

20m  +/- 0,03 %

This data logger allows to measure differential pressure. 
In "TIDE GAUGE" or "LIMINOGRAPH" applications, this measurement is taken between the sea
bottom and the atmosphere, thus allowing a correction for the variations of atmospheric pressure 
for the measurement of the height of water.

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