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Nke has extensive experience in the design and the manufacturing equipment useful for oceanographers studies of the evolution of oceans and climate. A technical team specialized in drifting buoys and profilers develops and offers various products such as

  • Drifting subsurface profiling developed partnership with IFREMER for ARGO. These profilers enable a vision in 3 dimensions the ocean by making measurements of salinity and temperature. For example PROVOR CTS3, ARVOR.
  • Profilers equipped with various sensors such as oxygen dissolved PROVOR CTS3_DO, acoustic (Rafos) and bio-optical and using vectors such as transmission systems ARGOS and ARGOS 3 or IRIDIUM
  • The drifting buoys equipped with surface ARGOS transmission and fitted with anchor to achieve monitoring of ocean currents SC 40 and SC 40 G5.
  • The autonomous buoys equipped with a spectrophotometer for pCO2 measuring dissolved in seawater, CARIOCA
  • The technical team of profilers is involved in European scientific projects like DAMOCLES, NOSS and SWARM, contributes to the project EUROARGO.
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