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Compact autonomous ARGO profiling float 'Salinity -Temperature - Pressure)

ARVOR provides salinity, temperature and pressure profiles up to 2000 meters depth, using proven ARGO sensors. Data and positioning are achieved  by ARGOS  satellites.

Mission with two depth values alternated and grounding avoidance function are settable by user before mission.

With self-ballast and very light design, ARVOR can be deployed by one person.

Design has been performed by Ifremer, research by using an important know how in float activities and well qualified subassemblies. nke instrumentation has achieved the industrial design.


Main characteristics:

  • Designed for the core  Argo mission
  • Light and easy to deploy (less than 20kg)
  • "Sea-Bird" proven CTD metrology
  • Theorical autonomy with CTD pump in
    • Up to 220 cycles (CTD continuous pumping)
    • Up to 290 cycles (CTD pump in switched mode )
  • Easy connectivity using RF bluetooth

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