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Autonomous oceanographic ARGO profiling float (Salinity -Temperature - Pressure)

PROVOR CTS3 is a reliable, cost-effective float with self-ballast that collects typically 112 data triplets (salinity, temperature and pressure) during its drifting and ascending phases. Once at the surface, these data are sent via the ARGOS system. The PROVOR CTS3 is designed to achive up to 250 cycles.

More than 700 units have been produced since 1998.

PROVOR CTS3 can launched from any vessel at slow speed using only a rope and at high speed (20 knots checked) by using release kit and launching crate. The PROVOR  has been developed in industrial partnership with Ifremer.

Main characteristics:

  • Qualified  technology for ARGO project
  • Sea Bird electronics  proven CTD metrology
  • Up to 250 cycles
  • 4.5 years autonomy
  • Down to 2000 m depth
  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth
  • Self-ballasted float  

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