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Autonomous multisensors / Oceanographic ARGO profiling float

PROVOR CTS4 design was based on the PROVOR CTS3 ARGO float to embed  additional sensors to the standard CTD. They are optical sensors by Satlantics, WetLabs, Chelsea or Aanderaa.

Developments by nke in collaboration with LOV (Villefranche Oceanographic Lab) and  Ifremer, enable PROVOR CTS4 to provide increased features.

Qualified ARGO technology

  • Multisensors
  • Possibility to set various types of missions
  • Programmable surfacing time
  • Iridium telemetry providing increased data transmission and remote control
  • GPS positioning
  • Increased autonomy*
  • Down to 2000 m depth
  • Self-ballasted float with increased buoyancy*


* according added sensors

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