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Compact autonomous ARGO profiling float for use at 4000 meters depth, 150 cycles (Salinity -Temperature - Pressure - DO)

The DEEP ARVOR provides salinity, temperature and pressure profiles up to 4000 meters depth, using proven ARGO sensors. Data are transmitted by IRIDIUM satellite system and the float is GPS positioned.

With self-ballast and light design, DEEP-ARVOR is self ballasted and its light weight allow easy deployment.

Design has been performed by Ifremer well qualified Arvor subassemblies and new hull technologies nke instrumentation achieves the industrial, production and commercialization.

Main characteristics :

  • Designed for the core Argo mission
  • Light and easy to deploy (less than 26kg)
  • "Sea-Bird" proven CTD metrology
  • Aanderaa dissolved oxygen optode
  • 150 " CTD " cycles @ 4000 meters
  • Alternative depths enable more profiles
  • Easy connectivity using RF bluetooth

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