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Research, Development & Innovation

nke instrumentation is constantly pioneering new technologies.

Indeed, new, state-of-the-art equipment are required to satisfay the new standards in place, emerging environmental requirements, ever more rigourous quality systems and increasingly accurate traceability.

The company invests massively in research and development and is therefore highly involved in projects certified either by the Sea centre for competitiveness, the ANRT or Europe.

Consequently, nke takes part in projects such as:


    AtlantOS is one of the largest and most ambitious marine research projects whose goal is to significantly enhance observing the Atlantic Ocean.The EU is funding AtlantOS as part of its framework programme "Horizon2020". 62 partners from 18 countries are part of the project which is coordinated by GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.
    More information about AtlantOS project

    LIDAR measurement systems dedicated to measuring wind are already operating on the mainland. The project aims to BLIDAR design and build a floating wind measurements at sea, based on this technology LIDAR.
  • FIXO3

    The Fixed point Open Ocean Observatory network (FixO3) seeks to integrate European open ocean fixed point observatories and to improve access to these key installations for the broader community. Visit the website

    (European project aimed at protecting the cultural heritage through corrosion control) nke instrumentation is responsible for the development of new products for corrosion control.
    Visit the website.
  • NAOS

    Observations of the global ocean for the study and forecasting of ocean and climatewith the preparation of the new decade Argo.
    Visit the website.

    Next Generation Web-Enabled Sensors for the Monitoring of a Changing Ocean
    Visit the website.
  • NOSS

    (Sea centre of Brittany, nke optical salinity sensor) nke instrumentation, in collaboration with the ENST, IFREMER and SHOM, develops and produces a new optical sensor that measures salinity based on the principle of the measurement of optical density.
    Visit the website.

    SenseOCEAN draws together world leading marine sensor developers to create a highly integrated multifunction and cost-effective in situ marine biogeochemical sensor system. A new silicate sensor developed by LEGOS-CNRS and NKE collaboration in SenseOCEAN project has been integrated into a bathysond (CTD probe)
    Visit the website.

    Meet in a single device sensors that collect information on the lives of marine vertebrates, they steal or they swim, this is the objective of the project SIMEO.


As part of its continuous development, nke considers all offers of cooperation and calls for projects.

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